Frequently Asked Questions - streaked enamel

FAQs - streaked enamel

No - this process is called a baked enamel and Beta Bathrooms do not subscribe to this method of resurfacing.  The baked enamel is a vitreous china surface - this is the same surface as when the bath was originally made.  


This 'old surface' in our opinion has no real place in today's world as it has some inherent flaws and is as far as we're concerend not made for today's modern home and bathroom.  The baked enamel surface is very sensitive to chemicals that are acidic and contain strong amonias.  It only takes a few moments of the wrong cleaner to leave the baked enamel streaked with etchings.  The Beta Bathrooms resurfacing method is to recoat the bath like like new with a coating that is chemical damage resistant.  

The Beta Bathroom coating has a very special polyeurothane coating - as used by many of the yatch manufacturing companies and as such we not only achieve a smooth and silky finish, but our finish is terrifically durable.  

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