Frequently Asked Questions - smooth glossy bath

FAQs - smooth glossy bath

When you polish an original bath surface you will achieve a smooth and glossy shine, but this will not be as white and shinny as the original bath or what we can achieve by resurfacing the bath.  


Of course - Beta Bathrooms polish all their baths after we've resurfaced | reenamelled your bath.  This comes as part of our full service package to resurface a bath.


Remember - if a bath is damaged with cracks, wholes, chips or stains, the act of polishing it will not alter or improve the damaged areas - in fact it might just make the problem areas stand out more.


Just polishing a bath is perfect if your bath is ony slighly worn and just want to buff up it's gloss.  


In our experience we find that the client is a much happier customer when we give them our full Rolls Royce treatment on their bath - i.e.  a full bath resurfacing which includes a FREE polish treatment.  

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