Frequently Asked Questions - Size of the bath

FAQs - Size of the bath

We most definitely can!  We have been doing this job for over 25 years now.  We know our business inside out and are considered - The Professional Bath Resurfacing Specialists.  


There are factors that one should take into account when quoting a client to resurface a bath, but we are well versed in those and we are sure to ask you those questions when you call or email us:


For example:

1.  Has the bath been resurfaced before?

2.  What colour is the bath?

3.  Is the bath a standard size?

4.  Has the bath got any damage on it?  I.e.  Are there chips, cracks, holes or sever stains on the bath?  

5.  What colour would you like to resurface the bath in?  

6.  Where is the bath?  I.e.  Where in the Western Cape is the bath to be resurfaced located?


We most certainly don't need to come out and see the bath - but should  you need the assurance that we 'see' the bath you are welcome to send us pictures of your bath.  We receive many a day.  


It sounds like a long process or conversation, but the enquiry only takes a few minutes.  The more information we have - the better job we can do in quoting you to resurface your bath. 




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