Frequently Asked Questions - Resurfacing

FAQs - Resurfacing

We cover the whole of the City Centre and as far  north as Saldanha Bay, Ceres, Montegue, Caledon, Hermanus and Stanford.  We further cover as far South as Fish Hoek and Cape Point.  We are happy to travel - the travel costs will be a consideration when supplying you with a quote on your required job.  

Resurfacing, reenamelling and refinishing are very much the same thing. It is a production proccess that describes the act of someone 'spraying' a new surface coating onto a bath, basin, toilet, shower base or the tiles whislst in situ - i.e. while the unit is still in the bathrooms

When you polish an original bath surface you will achieve a smooth and glossy shine, but this will not be as white and shinny as the original bath or what we can achieve by resurfacing the bath.  


Of course - Beta Bathrooms polish all their baths after we've resurfaced | reenamelled your bath.  This comes as part of our full service package to resurface a bath.


Remember - if a bath is damaged with cracks, wholes, chips or stains, the act of polishing it will not alter or improve the damaged areas - in fact it might just make the problem areas stand out more.


Just polishing a bath is perfect if your bath is ony slighly worn and just want to buff up it's gloss.  


In our experience we find that the client is a much happier customer when we give them our full Rolls Royce treatment on their bath - i.e.  a full bath resurfacing which includes a FREE polish treatment.  

Your bath has an original coating on it.  In otherwords - you have never resurfaced your bath.  The cleaning materials with which you clean your bath has strong acids and amonias in them.  These chemicals eat away at the coating on your bath leaving your bath looking dull, faded and grey.  As you continue with these harsh chemicals - the surface deteriates and becomes more open and porous - making it very difficult to clean.  It will get to the point where you start rubbing the surface itself away just to get the marks and stains out.  So how will resurfacing your bath with our coating help the situation?  We resurface the bath with an acid and amonia resistant surfce on the bath when we restore it so that this sort of damage is reduced.  The resurfaced bath looks brand new of course and is all new and shiny - and ultimately easier to clean!



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