Frequently Asked Questions - Has the bath got any damage on it? I.e. Are there chips, cracks, holes or sever stains on the bath

FAQs - Has the bath got any damage on it? I.e. Are there chips, cracks, holes or sever stains on the bath

Factors that influence the price to resurface your bath include questions like:


1.  Has the bath been resurfaced before?

2.  What colour is the bath?

3.  Is the bath a standard size?

4.  Has the bath got any damage on it?  I.e.  Are there chips, cracks, holes or sever stains on the bath?  

5.  What colour would you like to resurface the bath in?  

6.  Where is the bath?  I.e.  Where in the Western Cape is the bath to be resurfaced located?

7.  When can we access the bath - during normal working hours, over the weekend, in the        evenings?  

You must remember that baths don't cost us the same amount or type of materials when we resurface them.  Some present themselves with more issues than others.  By issues we mean the above points mentioned here.

Remember - resurfacing a bath in plain white is going to be the least expensive colour to resurface your bath in.  We are able to and do mix and match colours for clients - but this process adds time to the resurfacing process and requires a bit of running around for our team and requires a bit more skill so not just anyone is left to do this.  


Another point to consider - if the bath has been previously reenamelled it will more than likely need to be stripped back to the original coating which is time consuming and hard manual labour and this will add to the costs.


Location is a factor as some baths are further from our workshop than others and some places are more expensive and time consuming to travel to, the center of Cape Town or the or Worcester example. These areas are quite far apart and a trip to Worcester must be planned in the diary in order to ensure a smooth operational flow.


A bath that is damaged - be it holes, cracks, chips, or erosion stains - requires more work and preparation in order to ensure that the coating bonds to the original bath.   


Complex environments, confined spaces, sites where co-ordination is needed with other workers may require their own added costs due to a high degree of masking, venting etc.


The person that answers your enquiry will, in addition to asking some of the above questions probably ask others that may seem irrelevant based on what you say about your bath project. Don’t feel they are presuming you will be using us they are just forming in there own mind a “concept of the job” which will take in all the parameters before giving you a price. That price will not change unless the spec of the job changes.


For example it has been worked on before but we have been told it has not. We will not start the job if it needs something extra - the cost is always agreed before we commence. 

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