How to care for your resurfaced area:

  • In some areas water contains high levels of chemicals. This leads to staining of the surface. Dry the resurfaced area after use.
  • Poor drainage can trap water around the drain outlet. This can cause rust. Please keep your resurfaced area dry. Wipe down with a soft cloth after use.
  • If you drop a heavy item on your resurfaced area—like a hand held shower or a loose tap handle or any tools—it will chip the surface.
  • If you use a rubber mat in your bath—please remove it after bathing. If left, it will damage your bath.
  • Do not use hair dye's, nail varnish remover in the resurfaced area. It will stain the area irrecoverably.
  • Do not leave Lifebuoy soap or any soap for that matter on the resurfaced area. Colourants and additives in the soaps stain the resurfaced area.
  • Do not leave washing soaking in the bath. The detergent, when left to soak—damages the resurfaced area. Dye's in your clothing may stain the resurfaced area.
  • Do not leave foreign objects—like bucket's and basin's in the bath. It may scratch the resurfaced area.
  • Repair dripping taps. The dripping water, if left will damage the resurfaced area.
  • The resurfaced area must be cleaned with a soft cloth and none abrasive cleaner such as dishwashing liquid.
  • Do not use an abrasive scourer or an abrasive cleaner—i.e. Vim
  • Do not leave wet cloths, sponges or wet toys on the resurfaced area for an extended period.Beta Bathrooms Care Guide

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