When is it viable to resurface a bath, basin or toilet?

We've been resurfacing baths, basins, toilets and tiles since 1990 and the main reason we get a call out to resurface an item is because the it's has been scratched, cracked or stained. Another reason, especially with older pieces is that the bottom of a bath has faded and become dull with age and is now rough and hard to clean - almost porous! It doesn't matter how hard you scrub these baths - they will just never look clean enough to their owner or housekeeper.

Which baths are effected by these issues I hear you ask?

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Should I replace my old cast iron bath while renovating my bathroom?

After Pic of cast iron bath resurfacedWell, if you ask us - we'll tell you NO!  Most definitely not! It's simple, we believe that a cast iron bath is one of the best baths ever made!  

How so you ask?  Well for many reasons – one being a simple handyman’s concern – no silicon is required around a cast iron bath.  That means – no unsightly mould!   Did you know that these baths are solid as a rock – they don’t shift or move beneath you

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