Re-enamelling a gives your old bath, basin or toilet a new lease on life

Bath and tiles done in 2003 2nd pic

Bath and tiles done in 2003 bigger pic


Fully re-enamelling a bath renders an old, scratched, chipped, stained, damaged or faded bath 'new' giving it a brand new lease on life and adding priceless value to the property at the fraction of the cost of new.  

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Declutter your bathroom

decluttered bathroom


The decluttered look we all ultimately want in our bathrooms.  If this bathroom doesn't say peace and quiet to you - we don't know what will!

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Christmas Decoration ideas for the Bathroom! Why not?

Really?  Yes - we think the bathroom often get's ignored over Christmas time - and we think we've come across some pretty cool ideas along our search for Christmas decor in your bathroom:


christmas tree in bathroom


Place a little ornamental Christmas tree in bathroom in a cute bucket with a little deer sitting next to it.  With thanks to this amazing blog I discovered.  


candle star light in the bathroom


We love this look - the candles, star and Christmas tree - not to mention the Victorian Bath will result in many relaxing hours spent in one's bath over Christmas. A great stress reliever by the way - especially accompanied by La  Paix Bath and Beauty Products - available in Cape Town from Yda van der Merwe the creator and founder of the business.  

With thanks to for the picture - another beautiful blog we found in our search to Christmassyfy the bathroom.


reindeer and face cloth

This idea was just too cute to pass up on - and it's one for the kids in the home.  Facecloth and a natural bar of soap, pipe cleaners, Christmas ribbon a red felt nose and two sets of eyes together with little Christmas bells and Bob's your uncle - you  have a cute decor piece and gift set for the summer holiday bathroom for the young at heart in the home.

With thanks to


make it starry


Make your bathroom starry by placing an oversized star on the wall in a colour of your choice.  Include a mini potted firn trea with felt stars and mini pine cones on the vanity slab and you have a great starry look for your Christmas bathroom.  With thanks to


Wishing all our customers and suppliers a wonderful and blessed Christmas with their family and friends.  Take care and be safe.  No drinking and driving on the roads you hear now! 

We're working through - so if you still mean give your bathroom a make over - give us a shout.  



Increase your home's value by resurfacing key areas

There are really great ways you can add value to your home without breaking the bank.  Here are some ideas from the team at Beta Bathrooms:

art wall brush painting

1.  Paint inside and out


One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of improving the 'sellability' of  your home is a good coat of paint! Nothing quite says 'new' like a home with a fresh coat of paint!  The home is left looking clean, fresh and modern - and for any home buyer - that is very attractive.  Just remember to select neutral colours that will appeal to the mass market - you don't want someone else having to deal with your own  eclectic and exotic taste in colours.  


kitchen cupboard damaged by water FIXED pic

2.  Resurface all cupboard doors


Resurfacing your kitchen and bedroom cupboard doors is by far the cheapest and most effective ways of giving a room a whole new look.  Resurfacing one's kitchen and bedroom cupboard doors results in a savings of over 75% of the cost of new - and the room gets a whole new look.  Resurfacing dark doors with a light colour will result in the room looking bigger.  Conversely resurfacing light coloured doors with w dark colour will result in the room looking cosier.


resurfaced before and after

3.  Resurface the bath, tiles, basin, toilet, shower base or vanity slab


The bathroom has been known to be a deal maker or breaker in the sale or rental transaction of a property.  I know for my myself - it's the first room I check out when hiring accommodation - if the bathrooms are clean and respectable - one can very much rely on the rest of the space being in a great condition.   Bathroom units that are faded, scratched, chipped or have  holes in it could end up costing the owner a fortune to replace.  Never-mind the money - consider the time and effort required to replace all these items!  Suddenly resurfacing sounds like a perfect solution.



After taps

4.  Re-plating your taps


Did you know that you can re-plate all the taps in your home? Taps and kitchen and bathroom fittings can be refurbished in a choice of chrome, brass, nickel or gold plating.



Damaged windows from plaster   fixed window frames 1


4.  Resurfacing the aluminium window frames.


Aluminium window frames can either look great or really grotty - especially when they have weather and builder damage to them.  Not many people know that resurfacing aluminium window frames are a quick and affordable fix to creating a clean and new look for your home interior and exterior.


As you can see there are many ways for you to safe money while renovating and restoring your home to look as good as new!  Don't replace.  Resurface.  Contact Stephen Lambrick on 062 1960 680


Chip repair service

bath chip beforebath chip afterChip repair on bath ledge close upChip repair on bath ledge after



Beta Bathrooms Refinishing Specialists offer a unique chip repairing service to all bath, basin and shower owners in Cape Town.  With over 26 years in experience in bath re-enameling - they've perfected the art of repairing chips, cracks, holes and stains on baths, basins, toilets, tiles and shower bases.

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