Should I replace my old cast iron bath while renovating my bathroom?

After Pic of cast iron bath resurfacedWell, if you ask us - we'll tell you NO!  Most definitely not! It's simple, we believe that a cast iron bath is one of the best baths ever made!  

How so you ask?  Well for many reasons – one being a simple handyman’s concern – no silicon is required around a cast iron bath.  That means – no unsightly mould!   Did you know that these baths are solid as a rock – they don’t shift or move beneath you

– the user – no matter how heavy you are!  Fiberglass baths – the cast iron’s lighter plastic competitor shifts very easily and has been known to crack and sometimes even produces holes much to their owner’s dismay!  Beta Bathrooms have perfected a coating and procedure that is able to mend all damage to any bath – so don’t stress too much about damage to any bath – we’ll help you sort it out within 3/4  hours.
 A good point to note about cast iron baths is that they retain their heat for way longer than any other bath.  Suddenly that long romantic bubble bath soak becomes appealing doesn’t it? 
Buying a cast iron bath is not a short term purchase – this bath once in – can last a long time.  In fact the life span of a cast iron bath exceeds that of any of the plastic and fiberglass bath – and with today’s environment and economy – that’s a big draw card – especially when making a new purchaser decision. 
As to whether to resurface a cast iron bath or not – that’s a no-brainer – we highly recommend it.   These baths are durable and let’s face it – they have a classic look that never seems to date no matter what bathroom trends we face.   
We must say – cast iron baths are harder to chip, scratch or get a hole in – bad business for Beta Bathrooms Resurfacing Specialists – but great for you the customer!  However – a caution – these beautiful baths are scarce!  Our advice would be – if you lay your hands on one – don’t let it go at all!  Hold on to it with both hands and rather resurface and renovate any possible damage to the surface – you will have a lifetime investment in your bathroom for generations to come!
What about a pressed steel enamelled bath?
These baths are made from formed steel and have a porcelain-enamel coating.  They are the least expensive bath to purchase and very easy to resurface with our coating. 
The material has its drawbacks… Steel conducts heat, meaning the bath water cools way too quickly leaving the occupant a little chilly!   One needs to constantly top up the bath with hot water constantly and if you’re like us – worried about wasting water – it’s a no-no! 
A pressed steel enamelled bath surface is also prone to chipping and scratching. This bath weighs a mini ton!  No kidding – it’s just much heavier than a plastic bath – like the cast iron bath – but cannot boast the cast iron’s benefits and features.  We’d like to go out on a limb and say it’s not necessarily the best choice in baths. 
What about plastic? 
Plastic, either fiberglass or acrylic baths, offer the greatest design flexibility because it can be moulded into many shapes – so you as the customer are spoilt for choice in shape, sizes, colour and styles! 
Beta Bathrooms Refinishing Specialists repair and resurface many plastic baths in Cape Town  – in fact – it’s one of our main services offered – resurfacing plastic baths. 
To be honest - a plastic bath insulates very well and is nice and light for transport and carrying purposes.  This bath does however chip and scratch easily – especially with the abrasive cleaners available on the market designed to strip the top layer of the coating.   Beta Bathrooms can fix these very easily – so don’t despair if you already have one that’s a little worse for wear!   We are easily able to restore these baths back to their former glory in situ! 
So – in closing – the cast iron bath is the best purchase to make.  However – if you’ve made your choice and lived with it for a few years and are now paying the consequences – whether with a cast iron, pressed steel or plastic bath –we can resurface and repair any bath with any damage.  Don’t replace.  Resurface – and let’s save the planet and your pocket!
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