Resurfacing a toilet pan


Porcelain toilet pans or bowls can be a really aesthetically pleasing part of a bathroom.  The thing is that people don't always think that because porcelain is susceptable to chipping, staining, general fading and discolouration.  Porcelain toilet lids are also a huge problem for our clients and customers - they crack, break and are easily damaged when people drop things on them.  By resurfacing or refinishing your toilet pan and lid you can restore a new-like condition.  You need a refinishing team - like Beta Bathrooms to come and lovingly restore your toilet pan and cistern lid to their former glory.  No need to replace.  Just repair and restore.  

We will come in and maks off any areas of the toilet or near the toilet that we're not resurfacing - ensuring that we don't make an unneccessary mess.  We also use a targ to cover the area where we're working - making sure no paint is spilled in your bathroom or toilet area.  

We will then clean the toilet to remove any oils, grime, grit and residue cleaning detergents from the bowl.  We then dry the surface and prepare it for restoration.  

Once ready for restoration - we repaire the chips, scratches, cracks and stains using our excellent refinishing process and materials.  When we're 100% satisfied that we have a 100% smooth surface to work from we will then spray the first top coat onto the toilet pan and if neccessary cistern lid.  

On completion the job will give the toilet a brand new silky smooth finish - looking as good as new!  

What a quick way to upgrade one's bathroom!  Resurface.  Don't replace.  It's quick, its good value for money and it's a no mess no fuss approach to rennovation.  

Remember - don't use any harsh detergents on your resurfaced area.  Sunlight liquid and a soft cloth will do the job of cleanng your resurfaced area. Contact Stephen Lambrick - 062 1960 860 for your resurfacing job.  



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